Well, here I am on a Facebook Live after watching Mark Zuckerberg do his Facebook Live where he announced all the Facebook Group updates coming out in the next few days! So I’ve decided to start a group where I share my experiences and a beginner entrepreneur!

About one year ago, I started my journey learning as much as I could about social media marketing. Doing so, I joined a group that taught me everything I needed to know. A few months later, I got my first client! Four months ago I left my day job. Now I make more money and more control over my time, since I’m the boss at a full service agency! lol

Well, because this was something I’ve always wanted to do (be my own boss) I feel like it’s time to help others do the same thing! Of Course I still plan to grow my business, but if I can help someone follow their dreams too, I’d be so happy for them!

In this group, I’ll help people understand social media better, so they can offer it as a service or so they can use it in their own business endeavors. There will also be times where I’ll bring other experts in to talk about other subjects!

This will be a super safe place to ask all the questions you want and, as a community, we’ll help each other succeed!

I’ll see you there! Let’s quit our jobs! lol

Here’s the group

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