Christina Rader was a breath of fresh air! If you enjoy wholesome values and ethical marketing, Christina is your lady!

She shares her background and why she loves what she does and some encouraging words for entrepreneurs who can’t seem to make their marketing efforts work.

But she did ask me an embarrassing question though! lol

Oh, plus Rethink Marketing just hit 5 years of service! Congratulations Christina! You’ll love this episode!

Watch to learn more!

You’ve got expertise to share, don’t let your market go under-served because they didn’t know about you! Christina has over 20 years of marketing, design, and writing experience; 12 of those years were spent in the banking industry. Whether you are looking for a marketing coach to guide you through to maximize your return on investment or are looking for done-for-you marketing, she can help.

• Strategy

• Branding

• Social Media

• Communication

• Advertising

For more info, visit her website –

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