This week I’ve really been focused on a concept for my personal growth. I posted an image on Instagram that said, “I am why.” The significance to this statement weighs heavily as I struggle to shift my mindset.

Most of my life I made safe choices and took little chance. I have lived a pretty comfortable adult life with little satisfaction. I didn’t feel like I blamed anyone, especially myself. My childhood had a lot of negative highlights and my only goal in life has been to prevent myself and my family from ever reliving my childhood. I’ve done a pretty good job of that and live a pretty comfortable life in the middle class.

But still, I don’t feel successful. I have evaluated what it would mean to me to be successful. I believe my definition of success will change everytime I reach a new level of success. But right now my goal is to create something that is mine, something that I can feel proud of. This thing is a business. The industry is internet marketing, I have a passion for learning all I can about it. And the business will most likely be Gunner Media.

Currently I’m working to build up a client base as a freelancer to quit my day job. One day the business will come to fruition.

Back to the point of “I am why.” If I live with this feeling but never do anything about it, it’s my fault. If I do something about it but fail, I am the reason why. If I become a major success, it will be because I took the action needed to create the opportunity to be successful. Without taking the action needed I would never reach my goals and it would be all my fault, for sitting on my ass doing nothing.

So the point of this whole post is to remind you to get off your butt and make your dreams come true. If your dreams don’t come true, it’s all your fault.  If you do try but some obstacle gets in your way and you fail, it’s your fault for not trying again.

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